Welcome to boxsoft®

> boxsoft® software-development experience has a decent
coverage of the software-development spectrum.
> In recent years, boxsoft® has been involved in developing
both server-side and embedded solutions for the television cable
Solutions include both application software and application
interfaces for the Digital Cable Set-Top Boxes (STBs). Implementing
both proprietary communications interfaces as well as published
international standards (e.g., DSM-CC ISO/IEC 13818-6).
Our server solutions revolve around interfacing with STBs through
proprietary communications protocols, as well as with third-party
servers also through proprietary protocols. Additionally, we have
designed and implemented proxy servers to interface with new vendor
products so to keep the embedded STB code agnostic to the deployment
> boxsoft® has had the opportunity to provide consulting
services to both large and small-sized clients. Helping our
clients develop solutions from EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
e-commerce applications to sophisticated web-based applications,
such as an on-line recruitment application suite

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